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Episode #72 - Manufacturing a Great Work Culture Ft. Scott Springer

In this episode, Joel interviews Scott Springer, an executive operations consultant, about the importance of creating great teams and cultures in the manufacturing industry. They discuss the challenges in improving team culture, morale, performance, and retention. Ultimately, Scott emphasizes treating everyone with respect, seeking to understand different perspectives, a recipe for an inclusive environment and a better work culture.

Key Highlights:

  • Building a positive culture is essential for improving team performance, morale, and retention in the manufacturing industry.

  • Hiring the right people and creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is the first step in building a positive culture. Scott recommends diverse interview panels and giving everyone veto power.

  • Providing opportunities for promotion and advancement motivates employees and reduces turnover. Paying in the 50-75th percentile helps retain talent.

  • Implementing continuous improvement practices and conducting regular team huddles fosters a culture of collaboration, engagement, and accountability.

  • Investing in culture and effective communication builds trust and leads to long-term success. Building trust and creating personal connections can lead to better performance.

  • Making work fun through events, food, and games can improve morale and create a positive environment.

  • Moving the bell curve and constantly raising performance standards drives continuous improvement.


  • Treating everyone with respect and seeking to understand different perspectives can create a more harmonious and inclusive workplace.

  • Building a positive culture requires consistent effort over years but pays off in improved performance and retention.

This insightful conversation highlights how prioritizing company culture and people is the recipe for success. Scott's strategies for building trust, improving retention, fostering engagement, and making work enjoyable offer a solution for creating high-performing teams. His emphasis on continuous improvement, respect, and understanding provides a refreshing leadership perspective.



Scott Springer Headshot

Scott Springer, president of Chelwood Consulting Group is an accomplished executive consultant with expertise in driving high-growth business strategies across diverse industries. He excels at leveraging industry knowledge to engineer operational processes, revitalize underperforming organizations, enhance productivity, improve safety, and strengthen overall business performance.

Regarded as a change agent, Scott is known for strategically building organizations, implementing lean methodologies, and combining strategic planning with tactical execution to optimize long-term gains in performance, revenue, and profitability.

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