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Hi there, I'm Joel Onyshuk. Much of my career has been spent working with executives to 1) culturally transform their daily operations by empowering their frontline workers through better leadership best practices while 2) enabling those same employees to be more successful with the right digital tools at their fingertips.

What I've found over the years is that great executive leaders exist across multiple frontline industries, and yet the wisdom and valuable insights that they have are not readily accessible or sharable to other leaders who would love to hear and learn from them to subsequently implement changes that could positively impact their own businesses. Additionally, the next generation of leaders is poised, ready, and eager to absorb as much wisdom as possible so that they are ready to ascend through the ranks of leadership and be as effective as possible by standing on the shoulders of giants who have gone before them.

This podcast is my way of rapidly delivering weekly content to leaders in frontline industries who are seeking a better way of leading their organizations amidst the incredible challenges they face today. Every week I learn enormously valuable insights when interviewing these incredible guests, and it is my hope that you learn as well as you listen, wherever you are.

- Joel Onyshuk 

Host Joel Onyshuk SVP

Your Host

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