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Episode #68 - Healing At Work: Part 2 Ft. Susan Schmitt Winchester

In the second part of this episode, Susan Schmitt Winchester discusses the practical application of the Rapid Power Reclaim (RPR) process and shares a personal story of how she used it to overcome a challenging situation at work. She also talks about the importance of self-acceptance and finding a sense of worth and purpose in life.

Key Takeaways:

  1. The third step of the RPR process, "Celebrate and Integrate," is important for reinforcing positive changes in neural pathways and improving quality of life.

  2. Susan shares an example of how she used the RPR process to manage her emotions and deliver a successful presentation at work, despite feeling triggered and anxious.

  3. Celebrating successes helps integrate positive experiences into our identity and reinforces the belief that we can handle challenges differently.

  4. When emotionally triggered in a meeting or work situation, techniques such as taking a break, practicing breathing exercises, or finding a private space to release emotions can help calm the nervous system.

  5. Many successful, high-achieving individuals struggle with feelings of insecurity and a need for validation, highlighting the importance of addressing these issues regardless of one's accomplishments.

  6. Susan's sense of worth now comes from living her life on the purpose she believes God intended for her, which involves serving others and promoting self-acceptance.

  7. The joy of helping others and being "on purpose" is a source of satisfaction and grounding for Susan.

  8. Self-acceptance is a belief that, if embraced by everyone, could make the world a better place by reducing emotional reactivity and the need for external validation.

Susan emphasizes that she is still on the path of healing and growth, experiencing emotional triggers like everyone else. However, she stresses that the conscious healing path is a better place to be. By sharing her insights and experiences, Susan encourages listeners to embrace their own journey of self-acceptance and purpose-driven living.

Episode Transcript

Check out part one here!


Susan Winchester Healing at Work

Susan Schmitt Winchester is currently Senior HR Advisor for Applied Materials, a Fortune 150 Silicon Valley company, and the former Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer for Applied Materials.  Additionally, she previously held the CHRO role for Rockwell Automation. She is also the CEO and Founder of Healing at Work. 


She has more than 36 years of experience in corporate HR providing executive leadership in multiple leadership roles, both in the US and globally. She continually looks to meet today’s global business challenges with creative organization and people strategies that engage people, support a dynamic, inclusive corporate culture, and enable company exceptional performance. Her passion is teaching and inspiring executives, leaders and professionals how to succeed by discovering greater self-acceptance, fulfillment and joy at work and in life, especially those who came from dysfunctional childhoods.


Susan is the author of the book, Healing at Work: A Guide to Using Career Conflicts to Overcome Your Past and Build the Future You Deserve, with Martha I. Finney.


Additionally, Susan is a fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources—the highest professional honor for leaders in HR. She serves as a Board member for the HR Policy Association and on the Executive Committee of the Peer Roundtable for CHROs.  She is Chair, Leadership Advisory Board to the Dean of Engineering, College of Engineering at the University of Michigan. And Susan is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management Executive Network.

For more information about Susan, please visit: 


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