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Episode #73 - From Pain to Hope Ft. Charles Redd

In this new episode Joel interviews Charles Redd, the first DEI Officer for Berkshire Health Systems. Charles opens up about his struggles as a young adult and the pivotal moments that put him on a path of healing. He shares his "dignity journey" and how the book "Leading with Dignity" transformed his perspective on leadership. Listen for insight on how hope, dignity, and faith helped shape him and enable Charles to create a more equitable healthcare system that uplifts the entire community.

Key Takeaways

  • Build trust as a leader through being vulnerable with your team

  • Adopt a dignity lens and view all people through it

  • Use your story for hope

The authentic sharing of Charles' journey provides practical wisdom for leadership and resilience.

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Charles Redd is the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at Berkshire Health Systems and a 1995 graduate of Berkshire Community College's nursing program.

Despite facing childhood abandonment and personal struggles with depression and anger, Charles persevered through education. He now uses his life experiences to build equity and create an environment where all people can access healthcare and be treated with dignity. Charles' mission is uplifting the community he serves by honoring human dignity.

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