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Episode #74 - Become the Best Story You've Ever Told Ft. Celinne Da Costa

Joel interviews Celinne Da Costa - an author, speaker and master coach who helps rewire the subconscious mind for aligned success. Sharing her unique approach, Celinne bridges the gap between one's dreams and living them practically day-to-day. She dives into the importance of spirituality, healing trauma, and living from the soul to experience true fulfillment.

Key Takeaways

  1. Motivations deserve examination - is the drive for achievement seeking external validation or truly living your purpose? Clarity around your "why" is crucial.

  2. Meaningful rest and personal connections need dedicated space. Regularly pause and ask - am I numbing/neglecting core needs like sleep, nutrition, and nurturing relationships?

  3. Lead with kindness while upholding boundaries. Having compassion for yourself and others' internal struggles paves the way.

  4. Explore modalities like breathwork and somatic therapy to release stuck traumas and recalibrate your physical/emotional energy.

Whether someone is a high-achiever feeling unfulfilled or seeking to live more authentically, this conversation provokes an inward journey. Bridging the gap between dreams and daily reality is illuminated through Celinne's insights on spirituality, trauma healing, and returning to wholeness. Her perspective provides valuable guidance for creating the influential life and legacy envisioned.


Celinne Da Costa

Celinne Da Costa is a Master Coach and brand story expert who works with high-achieving, purpose-driven CEOs, experts, and executives to help them become confident, fully expressed leaders with transformational stories, an influential brand, and a tribe of raving fans.

Celinne has thousands of hours of practitioner training in a variety of modalities including NeuroLinguistic Programming, Facilitated Breath Repatterning, hypnotherapy, shamanic energy healing, emotional intelligence coaching, and life coaching, which she channels to create powerful breakthroughs for her clients.

Her work has been featured in top media, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. A bestselling author and a popular speaker, Celinne has also delivered a TEDx speech on the power of human connection.

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